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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Kamzang Journeys | Why Trek with Us?

Why Trek with Kamzang Journeys?
Kamzang Journeys

5-Star Trip Advisor Reviews!

Kamzang Journeys | All About Us
About Us

Our Unique Kamzang Style Journeys
Kamzang Style

Boutique Style Trekking
Western AND Sherpa Guided
Unmatched Safety Record
Satellite Phone AND InReach Satellite Messaging System
Personalized Care & Attention on Treks
Photography Buffs

The Kamzang Orange & Yellow Dining Tents
Incredibly Delicious & Diverse Food
Catering to All Food Allergies
Comfortable & Relaxed Atmosphere in Yellow Dining Tent
Library of Regional Books
A Passion for Each Region
Years of Trekking Experience in all of the Regions
Close Relationships with Locals in our Trekking Regions
In Depth Experiences in Villages
Nomadic Expertise

Local Staff (+ our Kamzang Team) in Remote Regions 
Ropes + Safety Equipment
Ecologically Friendly
Sanitary Kitchen & Staff
Extensive Medical Knowledge & Medical Kits
Knowledgeable & Responsible Staff
Extensive Rescue Experience
Back-up Company in Kathmandu
Attention to Detail

We LOVE the Himalaya!
And we love our jobs ...

15+ Years of Safe Trekking & Guiding Experience in the Himalaya

There are so many more reasons. Join us and find out why our repeat clients rate is well over 75%!

Great Trekkers Testimonials + Reviews
Why Trek with Kamzang Journeys?

The Kamzang Team
Our 5-Star Staff

Come trekking or bicycling with us!

Kamzang Journeys

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